Check out Odyssey

After having great fun doing the Odyssey challenges at both VMWorld US & Europe this year, they have now been released to the wild.


Check out the official article about the European event here

All the challenges are 30 minutes but the aim is to complete them as quickly as possible, many teams at VMworld completed them way faster.

It’s great to see that they are now available for everybody, go give them a try.

Huge thanks to all at HOL for this great innovation.

#VMworld 2019 – Day 1

img_20190825_130229-1As always it’s a slow build-up on Sunday, the Square (VMVillage) is starting to fill up. Some sessions are open and of course, Hand On Labs is packed! make sure you check out Odyssey and Cloud Credibility in the HOL area.

If you’re in the Square make sure you talk to all the community groups

  • VMware community
  • VMware Champions
  • Listening Post

VMworld 2019 is OPEN




vExpert 2019 Second Half Award Announcement

vExpert 2019 Second Half Award Announcement

vExpert 2019 Second Half Award Announcement

Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert and thank you to the vExpert PRO’s for doing their part in this process. We are pleased to announce the list of 2019 Second Half vExperts. Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. The post vExpert 2019 Second Half Award Announcement appeared first on VMware vExpert Blog.

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VMworld 2019 Session Invite from Michael Gandy

VMworld 2019 Session Invite from Michael Gandy

VMworld 2019 Session Invite from Michael Gandy

Do you want to learn how has VMware kept innovating for the past 21 years? How does VMware think about sustaining and disruptive innovations? What differentiates VMware from others in the market? What are the most valuable lessons learned? This session is a unique chance for VMworld attendees to look behind the VMware innovation curtain and see how VMware nurtures innovation. We will look at the processes that VMware has put in place

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You thought you could rest!

A quick reminder that following the end of support for ESXi 5.5 last year, time moves on end of support for ESXi 6.0 is March 12th 2020.

Now that might be ages away for most of you but this is a horrible date for me. The company I work for operates on a calendar year basis and as such this date falls within  year end reporting, which for me means no major changes allowed in the IT estate.

Due to festive change freezes in December I have to upgrade any ESXi 6.0 hosts by 30th November 2019. It’s probably also worth mentioning that ESXi 6.5 & 6.7 go end of support 15th November 2021, at least that gives me a rest for two years!

I have four months, better start planning now.